Photography Sites

These are photography sites that offer real value.

Note: All links open in a new window.

Creative Techs isn’t a photography site, but I keep it at the top of my list of bookmarks, so it’s first on the list here. It’s a site that explains how to make animated gifs in Photoshop. If I ever forget how to do that, this is the page I turn to.

Luminous Landscape where Michael Reichmann tests high-specification cameras and reports on his findings. He is also a good photographer, although he doesn’t make a big splash about that. It means,however, that when I read his reviews, I just know there are going to be some good photos from him in there.

Update: Michael died on May 18, 2016. Rather than alter the description above, I have left it. I still recommend that you visit the site because it continues to produce and publicise good work.

DP Review is probably the most widely used resource on the web for information and reviews of cameras and lenses. It is now owned by Amazon, but that doesn’t seem to have degraded its even-handed approach.

The Online Photographer is a news site for photography enthusiasts. As well as reviewing cameras and lenses in a discursive way, it also covers the work of photographers new and old as well as articles on things allied to photography. Because of the quality of the writing, in some ways it is my favourite photography site on the web.

Bob Atkins Do you want to know the field of view or the depth of field of a given camera and lens combination. Bob Atkins has the formulae. Just pop in the numbers and out come the answers.

Nikon Lens Specifications does just what it says. If you want to know how close that twenty year old Nikon lens focuses; how heavy it is, and how long it is then this site will have it. It covers more or less all Nikon lenses from some very old ones to the most recent.

By Thom is Tom Hogan’s very individualistic site where he tests (mostly) Nikon cameras and lenses and gives his opinions in no nonsense terms. He has another site where he writes about mirrorless cameras that you can find by following the links on ByThom.

Arne de Laat is a photographer from the Netherlands, and his site is a great resource (with examples) for anyone interested in time-lapse photography.

Silverprint is a good UK source for developers, papers, etc. for film photography. As well as online sales, Silverprint has a shop like an Alladin’s cave, in London.

The Archive Of The U.S. Library Of Congress site has high-quality images of photographs and posters. Well worth browsing.

Eva Sköld Westerlind is a photographer who does subtle, gentle work that will make you feel better about the day.

Neil Turner is a freelance photographer who used to shoot for the Times Educational Supplement. He’s got lots of photos on his site at dg28 along with explanations of how he shot and lit them.

There is a good chance that Peter Kool will make you smile.

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