Leeds – Nikon P5100

The building on the left of the shot is being renovated and the whole of the front is covered in a sheet that echoes the building as it used to be. The sheet continues around the corner of the building, visible here.



The centre of Leeds has changed radically in the last ten years, and there are now lots of renovated buildings, many of which show a little architectural flair.


Street scene: Nikon P5100, -1 exposure compensation, f64, 1/240 second f2.7

I love the way the camera dreams up these speeds when determining exposure in Aperture Priority. I must try working in Shutter Priority to see what the camera sets as aperture.

I can see that with an electronic shutter, the capability of the camera to set shutter speeds with fine increments is there, and I guess there must be the same capability built in to give fine changes in aperture.