Nikon P5100 at 800 ISO

I am taking it slowly with the camera and only now that I have had a little more experience with it, I decided to find out what it can do at higher ISO.

Here is a shot at 1/150 second at f5.3 and 800 ISO. The full frame shot is 4000 x 3000 pixels and the crop is 1000 x 1000, which represents therefore 1/12 of the area of the frame.

There is noise, but it doesn’t seem too bad. Rather more important it seems to me, is that the image is sketchier and less saturated than it would have been had it been shot at lower ISO. It stills seems fine to me though, for what it is.

Full frame




Nikon P5100 night capability

There is a fair amount of blotchiness in the blank areas of the sky but judge for yourself whether you think the image is useable. I propped the camera on a wall and set the self-timer. Then it is just a question of half-pressing to get focus, and then completing the press on the shutter and making sure I was not in the scene.

I desaturated the image more or less completely, to get rid of the orange glow from the streetlights.

This is a big image – 1000 pixels wide – so it won’t fit on this page, but it is not a big image in file size, so it won’t strain your connection. Click on the thumbnail to see it.