Using The Select Tool In Photoshop

The Select tool is very useful for isolating areas and then coloring them, erasing areas around them, and rotating them.

It is also useful for rotating type.

The complete article is at Photograph Works – just click the link.

And here is a portrait of a young woman named Michelle that I took a while ago. She worked in a local cafe and we shot this in a park just around the corner from the cafe.

This an a couple of other portraits are in the Gallery section of Photograph Works and you can find them by clicking this link to the Portrait Gallery:


How To Take A Quick Look At Your Uncategorized Posts

There are a few posts in this blog that are uncategorized. That is, I didn’t assign a category to them when I created the posts.

Anyone with a blog can see which of their posts are uncategorized.

All they have to do is go to the following URL address, where YOURBLOG is replaced with whatever the name of the blog is.

For my blog here at Light Reading, the address is

And here is the link to it.

Take a look 🙂