Overlooked animals

I recommend getting a good pair of binoculars and spending a little time looking at the animals and birds that are common wherever you are. You can usually get very close and seeing creatures you assume you know pretty well, through a pair of binoculars, opens up a whole new world.

Just take a look at the impossible feet and the beak of a pigeon. It’s enough to make you think of Star Wars.

But in an urban farm in the middle of Leeds there is a small collection of rare breeds of sheep. I thought this was a White Faced Woodlands, but after being directed to a couple of guides, I see it is a Herdwick, beloved of Beatrix Potter – and whatever breed she is, she very handsome is her coat.

Nikon D200 and Nikon 70-200mm VR lens

And here is a crop of her fleece – click on the image to see it larger – and to luxuriate in the wool. Anyone who has seen Gene Wilder in “All you ever wanted to know..”, can derive an extra level of pleasure from this.