Street scene: Nikon P5100, -1 exposure compensation, f64, 1/240 second f2.7

I love the way the camera dreams up these speeds when determining exposure in Aperture Priority. I must try working in Shutter Priority to see what the camera sets as aperture.

I can see that with an electronic shutter, the capability of the camera to set shutter speeds with fine increments is there, and I guess there must be the same capability built in to give fine changes in aperture.


Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park comprises seven hundred acres of parkland belonging to the City of Leeds. On a hill overlooking two lakes there is a grand old stone mansion house. The bulk of the building is now surrounded by a white-painted metal fence – hopefully preparatory to renovation of the building.

The park is, apparently, the largest city park in Europe.

There is a nice note in Wikipedia which recites that when the City of Leeds wished to buy the land in the 1870s, the park was 3 miles from Leeds and they didn’t have the authority to buy it. They required an Act of Parliament to give them that authority, which they obtained, and they were then able to buy the land.

Nikon P5100
Shot at 1/1000 second, f2.9, ISO 64, -1 exposure compensation
Converted to Black and White in photoshop