I Just Had The Weirdest Thing Happen On This Blog

I had just finished posting a short article.

I was talking to my wife and half-looking at the Admin page when the screen opened up with a video.

Just before it ended I managed to take a screen grab. This is it.

There was a voice accompanying the video – sounded Japanese if I had to guess.

At the bottom of the video you can see a line of text. In case it is not clear, it reads:

“How did this make you feel? What did you see? Do you have any inspirations for another surprise?”

Is the video from Automattic? I doubt it. Had Automattic been hacked?

I posted this problem on the WordPress Forums and a forum member with the username of Taletellerin suggests it is the ‘Fun’ setting in the User settings that prompted the video.

I unchecked the ‘fun’ settings in My Profile > Personal Settings. Not my idea of fun.

The 'Fun' Setting
The 'Fun' Setting