Consolas Without Consolation

Read this post from TimeThief for the opinion of some people on the change of font in the Admin panel in, which is where I am typing now. The font in this panel is now Consolas. I don’t know what it was before.

Apple Mail allows me to choose the font I wish to use as my default font. I have had it set to Consolas for a while now – so you can guess that I like the font.

However, I have it set to point size 14, which is a lot bigger than the default size in this Admin panel. I am OK with the font, but I can see that some people might think it is a bit on the small side of being comfortable.

Some people think it is quite simply an ugly font.

Personally, I think the rather crowded appearance and small font size of the Dashboard sidebar here in the Admin panel is more of backwards move by the WordPress people.

Ah well.

The Admin Panel

Admin Sidebar

For those who don’t have blogs, this is what the first section of the Sidebar of the Admin panel looks like.

Pretty small font, eh?

And the full Sidebar stretches all the way down the left side of the Admin panel, with lots more headings and words to make sense of and to click (or not).

All in all it seems to be the exact opposite of the move towards larger font sizes in blogs.

A Photograph
Here is a photograph to make up for the rest of this post if you are not interested in fonts. I tool the photo with the camera on my iPhone and then filtered it with the Earlybird filter in Instagram.

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St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral