A Nice Upgrade Present From WPress

Today I received an email from the people behind WordPress.com because I have a WordPress.com blog using the Custom CSS upgrade.

Today WP launched a new service called Custom Design that replaces the existing Custom CSS upgrade, and they say that they think I’m really going to like it.

So I took a look at the new features in Custom Design by visiting Appearance > Custom Design in my dashboard and the first thing I saw was a message that said:

We’ve automatically upgraded this blog to Custom Design, at no extra cost, based on your current Custom CSS upgrade.

Getting back to the email, WP say that they’ve automatically upgraded my blog to the new Custom Design package — normally a $30 upgrade and that I now have full access to the new features, including all the fonts from Typekit, at no extra charge, based on my existing subscription.

And they go on to say that their way of saying thank you for me being their customer, they’ve also applied a coupon to my account so that I’ll receive a 50% discount on my next automatic renewal for the Custom Design upgrade, a $15 savings.

The thing is that I don’t recall how much I paid for access to the CSS last time around. I don’t think it was anywhere near $30.00 though.

Why I Bought The CSS Upgrade Last November
I did it so that I could play around with the CSS – I saw it as a good sandbox where I could play around and always get back ‘home’ at the click of a button.

And it has been fun.

I have already added a bit of CSS via the new interface, and my impression is that it is more or less the same as the old interface – just a bit prettier. So that is a bit of a let-down, really.

But the font interface with Typekit integration is great – a real fun playground for typography lovers and very, very easy to use.

So all in all, a big positive yes to the new upgrade.