I Have Been Doing Nothing At All Here

And that must change. I have been doing other things though.

I started a blog of sorts – mostly just photos at Neatly Pressed using a lovely WPress them called Imbalance or Inbalance – one of those. I just have to understand what happens when I make lots of photos ‘featured images’. Will the front page just go on and on?

And I revamped Pixels Ate My Homework which was not getting a lot of attention. It is a blogger blog and now that I have set up email blogging with it (click the link to the blog to see the post I wrote about how to do that – it’s easy) I can give it more love and attention.

Mostly though I have been on a labor of love – roughly translated as a long and tedious job. I have been working my way through all the images on Quillcards and adding alt tags to all of them. And I am less than one quarter of the way through the more than one thousand images – so it is a lesson in how not to set something up without thinking it through in the first place.

Still, image tagging is reaping rewards and I can see that in the stats and search terms.

So, to cap off this post, here are a couple of photos that are going to go on to the Quillcards site along with quite a few others.

All the best,