The photography 101 course begins today with the subject ‘home’.

I was out at the time and read the WP post on my phone.

So as I walked home, I took the opportunity to think about what home represented to me.

I walked in and headed for the centre. There are two – one is the bedroom and the other is the kitchen table.

The kitchen table is covered in personal things, so I used the Waterlogue app to turn the photo into an impressionistic version.

[I am posting this using the WP app on my phone.]

On Cameras, Justice, And The Environment

The November photo challenge starts tomorrow. The only way I will be able to keep pace is by posting from my iPhone using the WordPress app.

So I am posting this in advance to test image straightening with the Snapseed app and image resizing with the Reduce app.

That’s the technical side.

The emotional side is that I plan to make this a month of photographing justice – for people and for the environment.

I am not generally a collector – but several year’s worth of Book Festival bags tell their own story.