Not Rotting In The Suburbs


This is something I am joining in on after reading a post from my friend Rebekah over on ColderWeather

It’s a blog-hop, where people join in on a theme, and the theme this week is something we see every day.

This guy is in our hallway, and I go through the same thought process every time I see him. He is next to the coat rack so I see him at a point when my procession through the flat stops at my coat – to put it on or take it off.

One of the ‘benefits’ of life in Edinburgh is that a coat is a necessity for most of the year, so i see the coat rack regularly.

My wife Tamara bought the puppet in India.

She bought it from the puppeteer after his show. A puppet just like this one figured in his show and what you can’t see is that his head is ‘removeable’.

That is, it is not joined to his body. He is a magician and one of his tricks is to lose his head.

My wife also bought the postcard here in the UK with the wonderful ‘I am not going to rot away my life in the suburbs…’ quote.

The quote is from Diary Of A Nobody by the brothers George and Weedon Grossmith.

Why I Chose This

The puppet and quote make me think. Are we rotting away our lives or have we escaped the wheel of dreaded dullness?

That’s one thing I think but it is secondary to the other thing I think.

The thing I think is that I am pleased to be associated with my wife who put this card here and who bought this puppet.

Uccello in Princes Street


This is Uccello’s George And The Dragon. I’ve always found the layout of the plants on the ground a bit odd.  It’s like a garden, neatly laid out. 

It’s not what I expect, given the big cave in the painting.

In the Princes Street gardens here in Edinburgh, the ground has been harrowed and raked, ready for the new grass.

And it made me think of the Uccello painting.