Nikon D3 sample images

I went to the Focus On Imaging annual imaging show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham today, and had the opportunity to use the D3.

I took a couple of shots without flash and as one would expect in this kind of venue, the lighting was difficult. It was mixed, with a halogen spotlights over the stand, and tungsten background lighting. I shot at 3200 ISO and 200 ISO, with the camera set on automatic white balance.

I processed these images in Camera Raw. The faces were very yellow – not surprising that the automatic white balance couldn’t cope to perfection in the mixed lighting, so I used the eyedropper on the white of the subject’s eye to get the white balance in post-processing. Then I used the same settings for the next image.

Later on I took a couple of shots with an SB-800 on-camera flash. I wanted to do this to get a full spectrum of light on the subject. Unfortunately, I was offered a different camera body to use and on this camera the image size was set up at 2784 x 1848 pixels instead of the full size of 4256 x 2832 pixels (which I didn’t notice) so the shots are not directly comparable with the earlier ones. And there was a different lens on the camera so the test has its limits. And in the circumstances, my focusing is not perfect either.

I think that as a test of shooting at 3200 ISO, however, the results are clear. What do you think?

200 full frame – no flash

200 crop – no flash

3200 full frame – no flash

3200 crop – no flash

3200 arm – flash

3200 crop – flash
And one last shot of Justin Focus, the power behind These videos

Nikon P5100 – flash



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