Does This Look OK? It’s Sideways

I rotated the image anti-clockwise because I want to use it on a greeting card. Usually when I rotate images of flowers I can see that the image is not going to work. The image just looks like what it is – on its side.

But when I rotated this photograph, it looked OK. So let me ask you, does it look OK to you or does it look wrong?

Crow At The Bird Feeder

Almost too big to fit in the bird feeder, the crow pecks at those tiny mealworms.

The blackbird has to get in early in the day if it wants a meal. Now it isn’t going to get a look in.

Then the crow flies off and a horde of starlings arrive.

Starlings don’t get enough press. Perhaps because they are so ubiquitous.

And here’s another shot of the crow.

We are right in the middle of the town, just ten minutes walk across the parks, and it’s taken ages for the birds to start coming regularly to the feeder in our garden.

When I put a camera out there a few months ago we found that a jay had visited in the early morning.

We still don’t get a huge variety of visitors, but it is so nice to know we are on their radar.