JenT asked me whether I was up for a photo challenge, and directed me to Photography 101 from WordPress. She said she was going to do the challenge and that she was going to post from her phone.

The challenge starts in about a week from now. Sign up in the link above to take part.

Because it is a daily challenge, it seemed a good idea to post from the WP app on my phone, except for one thing.

That one thing is the dreaded subject of image size.

I am not talking about pixel size, but about file size.

To give you some background, I have been blogging on this site for several years and when I look in the Admin panel I see I have uploaded 1,104 images. Yet I have only used 3% of the allocated space.

The reason for this is that I use Save For Web And Devices in Photoshop and resize the pixel dimensions to approx 600px wide.

When I do that, Photoshop reduces the file size to around 40KB.

The reason I reduce the file size is because I have got into the habit of doing it.

I have several self-hosted websites, and it is critical to upload small file sizes that can be delivered to the web browser quickly. Failure to do that will slow a site down.

And I carry that mindset over to this site.

The fact is that can deliver images to the web browser very fast indeed because it has very powerful servers. So file size is not as critical.

But as some people who are new to blogging and to find out, uploading full-size images starts filling up your allocated space very quickly.

[You might want to read JenT’s article about what happens when you run out of space.]

So it is good practise to keep the file size – that is the KB size – down to no more than say, 40KB on average.

Which brings me back to posting from the iPhone…

Until today I had not found an image re-sizer that I liked or that did the job well.

But today after reading lots of comparisons today, I found a very good image re-sizer. It’s Reduce by Tobias Wiedermann. It’s iOS only and it available in the App Store for $1.99.

The original version of the image here as taken on my phone, is 2448 × 3264px and 1.4 MB. The ‘reduced’ image you can see here is 500 × 667px and 37 KB.


As you can see, this file size is perfectly adequate for viewing on the web.

otterly-delightful OK- that is the first time I have used a lousy pun in a title, and it will probably be a while before I try it again. Here’s a mockup of what it would look like as a greeting card – not sure what if any words would go with it – maybe something like ‘Have an otterly delightful birthday’. Any improvement on that would be most welcome – add it in the comments. flying-twigs-greeting-card-otterly-delightful