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Can I Use The WordPress App Offline

Can I use the WordPress app offline? Well, I can type, and I see that the autosave feature is telling me that ‘Saving of draft failed’ Strange language: I would expect something like ‘Draft failed to save.’ So… what happens when I go back online? Wil it post this when I hit publish, or will it lose the text?

WordPress App For Desktop

I decided to download the WordPress app for Mac. I am typing this on the app. I am not sure I see the advantage of using it because I am going to go to the website to see that everything looks OK – so I could just as easily type there. Maybe if I use it more I would gain trust and just believe that it looks OK on the site. Here’s a screenshot of what the app looks like. One thing, when I was adding the image, I couldn’t see any way to choose how the image would be inserted. How can I choose to display it in the centre and full size? What if I wanted it to display left and smaller size, or right? I have the answer. When I click on the image once it is inserted on the page, little handlebars appear and I can drag the size of the image dynamically. And there is a little menu bar with options to click left, right, etc. That is how images …