Hillray Font

Hillray comes in three varieties, and I have used two of them here (outline and regular).

The first section, working from the top, is a whole load of random text with line spacing that puts the separate lines of Hillray outline on top of each other in a mess that looks interesting.

Then there’s the alphabet – straightforward enough – and then the two styles with their names.

Finally, I rasterised the line of outline text, filled in the colour and then laid it on top of a line of regular text and blended it with Hard Light blend mode in Photoshop to produce this effect.

Hillray is a free font from Creative Market, who do a freebie Monday every week. There’s often something that interests me, and this Monday the offerings include two fonts, a collection of  abstract shapes and patterns, some butterfly graphics, and a set of triangle seamless vector patterns.

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