Surprised When It Breaks

First published 31 Jul 2013  I remember sitting by the side of a field years ago and gently unfurling a leaf. Inside the curled up leaf there was an orange, slightly translucent earwig with nasty-looking pincers. I opened more leaves and there were more earwigs. Some leaves had several earwigs tucked inside them. Wriggling, segmented, translucentContinue reading “Surprised When It Breaks”

Everybody Is Talking About Meghan And Harry

Meghan is 39, I thought she was younger. Harry is 36. She is mixed race and he a member of the Royal Family. This makes her a target in the the way the Wallace Simpson was a target. When you buy into the Royal Family or are born into it, you follow the rules. PrincessContinue reading “Everybody Is Talking About Meghan And Harry”