How to clean a sticking Scroll Ball on an Apple Mighty Mouse.

The Mighty Mouse is great. Going back to a mouse that does not have a tracking ball is like going back to steam-powered computers.

But from time to time, the little ball sticks. It will either track up but not down, or down but not up, or… you get the idea.

So I googled for answers and most people suggest that you turn the mouse upside down, hold down the ball with one finger and blow air into the space that is created around the ball, to dislodge any crud.

And it has worked for me. I just blow into the space – no canned air, no compressed air, just a few quick sharp puffs of breath into the little space between the Scroll Ball and the hole it is in, and it clears it.

But last night it didn’t work – maybe I had a little grease on my finger that got transferred to the Scroll Ball; maybe the crud had accumulated. Whatever the reason, blowing didn’t clear it.

So I sprayed a drop of computer-screen cleaner onto a tissue, using only enough to be sure it was just ever so slightly damp but not wet, and rolled that over the ball. Magic – it’s like new.

Ze Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse