Adobe Photoshop CS3 – intel Mac version – first impressions

Bridge is much quicker and much, much more stable than in CS2. I hated Bridge in CS2; so much so that if I did not have it open I would sometimes rather go to file/open in Photoshop and trawl through the images in the folders on the computer, than go to Browse and watch theContinue reading “Adobe Photoshop CS3 – intel Mac version – first impressions”

Real-World Review of the Nikon D40

Buying considerations and the Competition I got fed up with the weight carrying my D200 around – even with a little 50mm lens – for those not-specifically-about-photography walkabouts. So I read the reviews and pondered the Nikon D40 as well as the Canon EOS400D/Rebel Xti and Xt and small-sensor cameras, such as a Leica D-Lux3,Continue reading “Real-World Review of the Nikon D40”