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Mind To Brain

Mind to brain:I have a task for you. Brain to mind:What is it? [Mind outlines task.] Brain to mindOK, let me sleep on it. [Five minutes later]Mind to brain:Did you finish yet? Brain to mind:No [Five minutes later]Mind to brain:Did you finish yet? Brain to mind:I told you, no. Stop hassling me. Let me do my job Mind to brain:I can’t stop thinking about it Brain to mind:What have I told you a thousand times? Let it go: I’m on it. But I can’t do my work with you asking all the time. Just stop it. It’s not hard. Mind to brain:You think so? So how come there are a million self-help books, and talks about meditation and courses on mindfulness? Huh? See, you can’t answer me. [Ten seconds later]Mind to brain:Answer me. Why have you gone quiet? Brain to mind:I am trying to get some sleep. [Five minutes later]Mind to brain:Did you finish yet?

Say ‘No’ To Brexit

One of our anti-Brexit cards – Enjoy, because there is precious little else to enjoy with the looming threat of Britain crashing out of the EU with no deal. ‘Clerks’ Anti-Brexit Greeting Card to support the No Brexit, anti-Brexit movement, featuring a mockup of a World War II Ministry Of Information poster about clerical work for ‘girls’. MINISTRY OF LABOUR THE MINISTRY OF FOOD REQUIRES GIRLS AGED 15 TO 17 YEARS OF AGE TO ENROL FOR CLERICAL WORK FOR THE DURATION OF BREXIT. CONTINUING EDUCATION WILL BE PROVIDED IN WORKING HOURS. RECRUITS CAN THEREFORE EARN AND LEARN AT THE SAME TIME! THE FOOD QUESTION IS A WOMAN’S QUESTION. COME AND HELP THE FOOD MINISTRY. THEY WANT YOU NOW! APPLY AT YOUR LOCAL BREXIT OFFICE

Things that made me laugh, with a bitter taste in my mouth

More than a third of the population of England died during the outbreaks of the Black Death in England In the 1300s. Here is part of a contemporary report: Then the bishop of Lincoln sent notice throughout his whole diocese giving general power to all priests, both regulars and seculars, to hear confessions and give absolution with full episcopal authority to all persons, except only in case of debt. In such a case, the debtor was to pay the debt, if he were able, while he lived, or others were to be appointed to do so from his goods after his death. In the same way the Pope gave plenary remission of all sins (once only) to all receiving absolution at the point of death, and granted that this power should last until Easter next following, and that every one might choose his own confessor at will.