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Field Work Post-Brexit

A warning of the consequences of Brexit. At Flying Twigs we are firmly in the ‘No Brexit’ camp – and not only because of the economic consequences although they look dire enough. It’s because pulling up the drawbridge will cut us off culturally from Europe… Read More

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Travelers and Travellers

I was in Waterstones and I bought a book on impulse after scanning a few pages. Sitting at my computer, I wanted to recall the name of the book. But the book was downstairs. I looked on the Waterstone’s website and put in ‘travel nazi… Read More

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Column Blocks in Gutenberg

I mentioned before that I am using the Gutenberg plugin on a self-hosted WordPress site. Today I was working with columns of text. In Gutenberg, everything is a block (as in building block). Images are blocks, headings are blocks, tables are blocks, quotes are blocks.… Read More