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Beetle Dress

Last week, Tamara and I went to the Fashion and Nature exhibition at the V&A in London. I was in London a couple of weeks before, and Tamara asked me to go and scout out the exhibition, which I did. I thought it was a fashion exhibition, not realising that the thrust of it was the damage that fashion does to the natural world. The lower floor of the exhibition was about days gone by – about ostrich feathers, and tortoiseshell, humming bird wings, and bear fur. The upper floor was about the damage that modern processes do, from plastic fibres leaching into the waterways, to the chemicals used to manufacture clothes. I think we are all inured to the damage done to the living world in days gone by, but the sight of a line of tiny, dead humming birds lying there in the exhibit, got to us. They were killed many years ago to decorate hats. So tiny, so defenceless. Stemocera aeqisignata The photo here (excuse the phone camera quality in poor lighting) …

Proportions, Space, Framing

This is a slice through a Nautilus shell. This particular one is in the Zoology Museum in Cambridge, where I photographed it with my iPhone. I tidied up the reflections and the background, but otherwise, this is a Nautilus shell as the Nautilus made it – except sliced in two. The Nautilus has ninety tentacles that it waves about in the water to take food that passes. The shell is its home. It starts out small, and as the Nautilus outgrows the shell it builds a bigger compartment around itself. You can see the little tubes that are its last contact with the compartment it vacates before it seals it off. The Nautilus builds about 30 compartments during its lifetime. And in doing so it makes this spiral of air-filled compartments. The compartments that have been sealed off are water tight, which is why a whole Nautilus shell without the creature that lives in it, floats. I made a joke about the stupidity of Brexit, pointing out that during its life, at no time does …

The World Is Falling Apart

The world is falling apart while we stare at yesterday. Prompted by my wife reading the magazine from the the Ocean Film Festival that we went to last night – that the fish in the sea have reduced by half since 1980. And that by 2050, at the current rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. And prompted by looking at the plastic dish that the cod steaks came in that I had bought in the supermarket. The plastic was thick enough, strong enough to make a bucket out of. I weighed it: 30g for a one-time use plastic container to hold two pieces of fish. About The photo Here’s the original, to which I added the second ‘painting’ and the wording.