Colony Collapse Disorder: USDA Report Devastating Losses

“Colonies Lost with Colony Collapse Disorder Symptoms with Five or More Colonies – United States: 2019 and 2020[Loss reported that met all of the following criteria: 1) Little to no build-up of dead bees in the hive or at the hive entrance 2) Rapid loss of adult honey bee population despite the presence of queen,Continue reading “Colony Collapse Disorder: USDA Report Devastating Losses”

Can You Identify This Flower (Solved)

My first thought (how do these things pop into one’s head?) was bistort, but then it plainly wasn’t. I looked in a wildflower book and the nearest were some mint varieties – but it wasn’t any of them. Then I asked on Twitter and Facebook, and on Twitter the answer came from Martin (@botanicalmartin) whoContinue reading “Can You Identify This Flower (Solved)”

Spanish Flu: Death Rates By Country

It is becoming apparent that there are differences in the death rates for different groups during the Coronavirus pandemic, and there is no clear explanation of why this is. Thinking there may be some parallels in the 1918 Influenza pandemic, I looked for statistics. The Geography and Mortality of the 1918 INFLUENZA PANDEMIC by K.Continue reading “Spanish Flu: Death Rates By Country”