What is the real value of lens sharpness tests?

Some articles and comments I read around the web suggest that sharpness tests and crops of shots designed to show how sharp lenses are, are valuable. Others suggest they are just pixel-peeping, or that somehow, 100% crops don’t present a valuable picture of what is going on. I take a different view. The fact thatContinue reading “What is the real value of lens sharpness tests?”

Nikon D200 and D40 image processing compared

I used a Nikon 105mm f2 DC lens, which is a very sharp lens, for both shots. I shot both shots at ISO 200, in aperture priority mode at f4. The D200 exposed the image at one half a second, and the D40 exposed the image at eight tenths of a second. Before taking theseContinue reading “Nikon D200 and D40 image processing compared”

How to clean a sticking Scroll Ball on an Apple Mighty Mouse.

The Mighty Mouse is great. Going back to a mouse that does not have a tracking ball is like going back to steam-powered computers. But from time to time, the little ball sticks. It will either track up but not down, or down but not up, or… you get the idea. So I googled forContinue reading “How to clean a sticking Scroll Ball on an Apple Mighty Mouse.”