Lightroom Classic Denoise

Lightroom Classic Denoise

Here are another two versions of the photo I took of Pattie Boyd – photographed with a Ricoh GR III at ISO 800, 1./10 second at f2.8.

See this earlier article on Pattie Boyd for those photos and the story.

And this is why I made the new versions:

The latest iteration of Lightroom Classic (just released) claims it can

“easily remove noise from images using Al-powered Denoise. Using artificial intelligence, Lightroom Classic can now efficiently remove noise from Bayer or X-Trans RAW images, while preserving all the finer details.”

I mostly use Photoshop and I don’t generally use Lightroom at all, but with the promise of AI-denoise, I gave it a whirl.

Coincidentally, I have been trialing DxO RAW converter that also uses AI denoise. I came to the conclusion that DxO is better than Photoshop.

But now, using Lightroom, I think Lightroom is every bit as good as DxO.

The reason for two versions here is that I made a second version a little bit lighter after I saw the first version on the screen.

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