The Campaign To Stop High Street Heat Loss

We started this campaign because shop doors are open, the heating is on, and it is pouring out of the doors. We live on a planet that is warming to dangerous levels, and where we are trying to find alternative options to the burning of fossil fuels. And if all retailers were legally mandated to close their doors, the country’s overall energy usage could drop by a massive 2.5%.

Sadly, voluntary campaigns in the past that tried to encourage shops to close their doors have simply failed. Which means it needs a Government mandate in order to make it happen.

We do have sympathy for the retailers – they have genuine and valid concerns that that closed doors would result in lost trade. We understand these concerns, but if every shop was legally required to close their doors their doors, this would level the playing field – and shoppers would soon learn that a closed door did not mean a closed shop. 

And ultimately, the environmentally catastrophe that the world is facing trumps any argument; retailers need to understand they have a responsibility to lower their carbon footprint and keep their the doors closed.

Name And Shame?

While I am debating whether it is right to name and shame shops that keep their doors open, the heat continues to pour out.

I ask myself, is it good to drive people apart in anger in a world where people need each other more and more?

On the other hand, if people don’t face up to their responsibilities then nothing gets done.

And ultimately, is the fear of losing out if the shop doors are closed even a valid concern or just a belief founded on nothing more than ‘that’s what we’ve always done’?

Now is the time to grasp the nettle and face the modern world that asks that we all, all of us, do our bit, shopkeepers included.

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  1. JenT says:

    Given the additional costs of surplus heating/cooling, surely they would see a drop in their energy bills if they’d keep their door shut? Are shopkeepers averse to having a “We’re Open” sign on their door? Do they think that with Covid it’s “better” to have the shop door open in all weathers? Just wondering…

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    1. Voluntary campaigns have failed, so I’ve got to conclude that the fear of missing out on custom is greater than the sense of responsibility to keep the heat in on a warming planet. I wrote about it on the ‘campaign headquarters’ site at LOST HEAT – the fact is that despite talking to shops (including shops that have their doors closed) and having them agree that it’s crazy to leave doors open – still we have very few people who will make the jump and actually sign the petition.


    2. And thank you for your comment – it really beats me why people don’t see the blindingly obvious.


      1. JenT says:

        Try targeting the customers, not the shopkeepers?

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        1. I got leaflets printed and went door to door.
          I should make a sign and stand with leaflets in the market square – many thanks for the prompt.

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        2. JenT says:

          Welcome! But do people really look at leaflets anymore? Most I’ve seen either end up on the ground or in the dustbin. Stickers, however, with the addition of “We support…”, might work. If they then go into the shop, that sends a message to the shopkeeper. Good luck with this important project!

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