A Visual Share Board

Air is a platform where you add assets and then share them and allow people to see them.

I used Air to put some new card designs for people who signed up to our newsletter to see before we sent the cards to be printed.

It’s easy to add assets. I just grabbed the web versions of the new cards I wanted to showcase and dragged them onto the board.

As the owner of the board on which the assets are featured, you decide what capabilities you want to give to others – whether it is to view, comment, or edit the assets. And by making the link to the board public, you can share the board with anyone to whom you give the link.

Here’s a screen grab of part of the board.

If you add term members then there is more that you can do as collaborators.

Air has been around since 2017, but I heard about it a few weeks ago and as you can see, I have been using it. The free tier allows five GB of storage and up to three members in the team.

Here’s the link

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