Are You Familiar With Ernest Hemingway’s Writing?

The rods in square brackets are an instruction to ChatGPT

[Emulate the writing style of Ernest Hemingway] How should one cross a big lake in a small leaking boat?

One should cross a big lake in a small leaking boat with a steady hand and a strong sense of determination. The wind may whip and the waves may toss, but a true sailor grit will see you through to the other side. It’s best to keep your eyes fixed on the horizon and your mind focused on the task at hand. And if the water begins to pour in, bail with all haste, for time is of the essence in such a precarious situation. Keep a steady pace and don’t let fear take hold, for to do so would mean certain doom. With determination and skill, you will make it across that lake, no matter the size or the leaks in your boat.

So, does this reply sound like Ernest Hemingway to you?

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