Fun With The Block Editor

I got interested in using the Block editor on certain pages with WooCommerce.

Our shop has twenty categories of products that we sell. The traditional way to reference product categories is, of course, with a navigation menu.

But with the Block editor it’s easy to also make a more impressive presentation of the categories on the home page.

Set up a grid of blocks, each with a key image that links to the product category pages. And add a heading with the category name and link that to the category page also.

And it is super easy to then duplicate another set below and edit them to new images and names. And so on.

None of this would have been remotely as easy pre-block days.

To give you a general idea, I am using the Column blocks here and the images and the headings both link to their relative posts.

I chose the Columns block, then the three-across option, and then added an image and a heading in each block. I aligned the text to centre it in each case, and added the links. It’s a five minute job.

And here is an explanation and a video from WordPress showing how to use the Columns Block

And I found this for the Row Block, and I will experiment with it when I have a moment.

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