Photographers I Admire

It’s not a long list, and the photographer I am referring to in this post stages or sets up her shots. She went overboard in her later years (that makes it sound like she is dead, but she is not – she is 68) but in this photo I think she spoke volumes. The young hopeful is waiting, for what, with what hope and what expectation?

I’ve written about this photo before, in this post about the 2019 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. This time I am going all out and posting it bigger.


  1. JenT says:

    +1 Did you see the article in the NYT a while back with her and Cate Blanchett after they toured her Film Stills retrospective? It was very interesting reading given Blanchett’s performances in Manifesto, which was exhibited and shown here.


    1. Thanks for mentioning the NYT article. I found the Cate Blanchett and Cindy Sherman: Secrets of the Camera Chameleons article (I subscribe, so it may be behind a paywall for others). I just read up about Manifesto. Is it a critique of the idea that it is OK for ideas to sacrifice people in their name? It’s difficult to tell – the reviews are a bit opaque.

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      1. JenT says:

        Here’s the page from the Israel Museum’s exhibit It was really a multi-media experience. Thirteen big screens set up at various points in the gallery, displaying at the same time with CB acting in character and stating each movement’s manifesto which at one point all synced.


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