In the end it is all we have – aspirations – a steadfast longing, an earnest desire for a higher goal.

The earliest recorded use of the word ‘aspiration’ dates from c. 1600, and derives from an earlier use meaning ‘to strive for’ from the Latin aspirationem, meaning literally – to blow or breathe into.

aspirations - reaching for the sun and beyond
aspirations – reaching for the sun and beyond


  1. Tamara says:

    Obvious word derivation but one that I hadn’t paired before, so thanks for that.

    Did you create the image here? It reminds me of a famous Matisse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thinking of the spiritual dimension of breath, it’s not surprising- but hadn’t thought of the word connection either.

      Believe it or not, the image was made by artificial intelligence from my verbal instruction.


      1. Tamara says:

        Amazing, crikey!


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