The Proposed Destruction of Nature in Britain

birds in the style of cezanne

When the Zoological Society of London and the Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds both come out with warning statements, that’s a sign.

They are institutions with Royal patrons, with directors at the top rank of British society – and if they are rattled, then there is something badly wrong within British politics and the policies of the new British Government under Liz Truss..

RSPB Statement

Today nature urgently needs your help. The Government is threatening to tear up the laws that protect our best wildlife sites, offer up chunks of our countryside for unrestricted development and may scrap vital proposals that could help farmers to help nature.

We cannot stand by and let this happen. Our nature and climate is in crisis. It needs more support not less. We need to let our politicians know that we want nature protected and that it is important to us.

Will you stand with us? Please take our quick and easy action and contact your MP today.

Thank you for your support,

ZSL Statement

ZSL deplores proposed UK government move to weaken environmental protections
ZSL stands with other conservation NGOs and shares their dismay and anger regarding reports that the UK Government plans to abandon more than 500 vital environmental protection policies rolled over from EU law after Brexit – as well as the new Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS).

Full ZSL statement here

The truth is that the environment in Britain has been under attack for decades. There was a time when decision makers could claim ignorance of the consequences of their decisions. That time has long passed, and yet the destruction of the countryside and of species accelerates.

It’s enough to make you spit.


  1. Tamara Colloff-Bennett says:

    Nothing surprises me about Liz Truss and this new, current government of hers. This statement from ZSL is painful but essential reading, thanks for sharing it. How Liz Truss and others of her ilk sleep at night is beyond me… Still, that does not help our embattled, much wounded planet, and all of our glorious wildlife who very sadly have to depend on humans for too many things.

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  2. Tamara says:

    Tthe RSPB (the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), is urging people here in the UK to write their MPs. I just did so, and I would like to share the link here from the email I received today about this. I urge your readers to raise their voice here too.

    Here’s the link: RSPB Make Your Voice Heard


  3. susurrus says:

    I wrote about this yesterday. It surprises me that it’s not being raised by, for instance, the BBC. It seems to be missing the mainstream media.

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    1. The falling pound was on BBC news last night – and the reporters so obviously skated around anything that might smack of an opinion – I think they fear for whatever is left of the independence of the BBC.

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      1. susurrus says:

        I wondered it they are running scared at the moment. Ironically this is the time to prove their worth. I just sent them a note asking them to cover this.

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