Mara are native to Patagonia. They are rodents, and their closest relatives are guinea pigs and capybara. They have long legs and can run with all four legs bouncing over the ground. They are monogamous, and they rear their young with the father keeping an eye out for danger and the mother enjoying life sunning herself on the porch working hard to suckle and teach them the life of a Mara.

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  1. Tamara says:

    HAH regarding your line struck out here!!

    How wonderful that we saw them there by chance on the side of the road at Whipsnade. Those “pups” (as I read on line the ‘kids’ are called) were such super cuties to watch particularly when they ran.

    It was AMAZING how close we could get to them, true? 🤩

    A beautiful animal whose essence you have captured well in this series of photos.

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