yoshino cherry tree in drought
leaves of yoshino cherry tree in drought

Now the trees are suffering in this drought. Some trees are sacrificing branches and the leaves and growth on them. Some, such as this Yoshino cherry, are curling up their leaves to limit transpiration.

Here is the tree when it was in blossom earlier this year. Compare the green of the grass around the tree with the light buff or straw colour of the dried out grass today.


  1. John says:

    Droughts are everywhere these days…


    1. Yes, it’s worrying; It teaches us how powerless we are when the ground is shifting under our feet and we don’t know where it will lead. Farmers in the UK are losing their crops. I wonder how the wheat fields of Kansas are doing? What is happening to the grain harvests in Europe?

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      1. John says:

        Our southeast area is being drown with rain all up and down the coast, so I am guessing that those crops are well watered. Meanwhile, our southwest is stuck in a years-long drought. I hope you get the rain you need and very soon!

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        1. Thanks, and thanks for telling about the situation where you are.


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