When Will It Rain

Yoshino cherry in drought in July

It is supposed to rain today and tomorrow. It hasn’t rained much for months and the ground needs it badly. Cambridge is one of the driest counties in England, and the grass was as parched as this a couple of years ago and recovered, Still, it badly needs the rain, and the two days of temperatures of 37°c (98.6°F) last week seared the ground and who knows what damage the record breaking heat did to the grass and its recovery.

This Yoshino cherry in the grounds of the Botanic Garden is managing well though.


  1. John says:

    I hope you get the badly needed rain very soon. You don’t want to try our heat and drought, very severe.

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  2. JenT says:

    I hope the rains show up for you and that they are gentle and soaking. We won’t be seeing/hearing/smelling rain until winter, which is fine, but I do miss it. I guess that’s what soundscapes are for.

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    1. I remember standing in a doorway in the Bukharim quarter in Jerusalem, with a beautiful fine rain falling. 😊

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      1. JenT says:

        That’s pretty unusual. Our “normal” is downpour.


        1. Yes, the weather was bright and man came and stood in the doorway near me to shelter, and we smiled, admiring the rain. 🙂

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