Guess What Bush This Is

This is a crop from a flower head of a common bush here in the UK. I cropped it so that I could make a point., which is how it looks close up.

When I had the photo of the flower from this bush up on the computer screen I was surprised at the look of the individual florets. I have seen this bush many hundreds of times all over the UK, and it is one of the first to spring up in odd spots on waste ground. This year has been a bumper year for the bush, with some flower heads in a deeper purple than is usual

For all that, I have never looked closely at it. That is, while I know the overall shape of the flowers, I didn’t ever look close up.

And therein lies one of the benefits of photography.

Here is the complete flower head of, this the Buddleia bush. And if you are in the UK and cannot bring it to mind, it grows with long thin arching stems that can be eight feet tall.

Its common name is the Butterfly bush for the very obvious reason that it is a favourite nectar source for butterflies.


  1. John says:

    The flowers are very attractive.


    1. Glad you are enjoying them!

      Liked by 1 person

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