Ad-Free Tumblr

Do you have a Tumblr blog? I have one I started 13 years ago. Automattic (the company that owns WordPress dot Com) bought Tumblr in August 2019. and today I noticed a link in the back-end of Tumblr, inviting anyone who wants to read Tumblr ‘add free’, to click the link.

I clicked the link to see what I could see – and for $4.99 a month I can see Tumblr without the ads. The blurb says

Tumblr Ad-Free Browsing
It’s Tumblr, only ad-free. Ad-Free Browsing gives you more of what you love and less of what you don’t. What are you waiting for? It’s a whole new world out there.

It amazes me that an advertisement for an ad-free experience would describe advertising as ‘what you don’t [want]. Surely you are not supposed to say that out loud?

It’s that same with ad-free YouTube.

I think it is weird.

Meanwhile, looking at some of the old posts on my Tumblr, I found this that I think is worth repeating…

Surely more like Mondian-ex ?


  1. John says:

    I’ve never seen their boxes with that design, not bad. I didn’t know that WP purchased Tumblr, boo. I use an ad blocker in Firefox, rarely ever see ads anywhere, never on WP.

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    1. What ad blocker do you use? I mostly use Safari browser, so I am interested to know what you use in Firefox. It will give me a better idea of what visitors see. Thanks


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