Openverse – 600 Million Items To Reuse

Go to WordPress dot Org (the open-source, self-hosted version of WordPress, and look along the top navigation menu. At the far end there is openverse. It’s a search platform to over 600 million items to reuse. All Openverse content is under a Creative Commons license or is in the public domain.

Be sure to check the license (licence in British English) because some are, for example tagged with:

  • Credit the creator.
  • Noncommercial uses only.
  • No derivatives or adaptations permitted.

There are images and there’s audio content, and to use it you just put ‘dog’ or whatever you are searching for, in the search box. That’s obvious, but I mention it because (here’s a tip) public domain images are of course the ‘safest’ in terms of freedom to use as one wants, and yes – you can type ‘public domain’ in the search box, and see what it brings up.

While I am on a French theme in my recent posts, here is a poster designed by Jules Chéret. He is called the father of the modern poster because he saw the benefit of producing and distributing multiple copies of his work to advertise his clients’ ventures.

Tamara and I saw examples of his work at the Musee de Montmartre when we were in Paris. the museum is behind Sacré-Cœur, up on the hill north of the centre. I’ll write about it separately.

Jules Chéret poster


Here’s a direct link to go to openverse. Or click the image above.

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