Death In Care Homes

Winchester High Street

Tamara and I were in Winchester last week, and this is a photograph of the High Street. That’s pretty much the whole of Winchester town centre because apart from this street there are only a few side streets with a couple of shops. If you raise your eyes you can see the tops of the trees across the river where the land rises behind.

I linked this image to the attachment file – so if you click it you can see it bigger. Click it again and you can see it bigger still.

What do you not see? No masks. It is no longer a requirement to wear a mask on the street in England. It is not required to wear one indoors either but some do.

Death In Care Homes

In the Spring of 2020 the Government released patients from hospitals into care homes. Twenty thousand people died as a result. The facts about who in Government knew what and when, are headline news now. The Prime Minister claimed in the House of Commons a few days ago that if only they had known that asymptomatic people could spread the disease. Well, he did know. The facts are coming out.

I said at the time that if I were a Machiavellian advising a ruler, I would encourage Government to discharge patients to care homes. With Brexit and Covid causing difficult financial times, this would speed release of assets from the elderly who died, down to the next generation. The Government would get a sudden inheritance tax haul (they did – several billion pounds) and the next generation would be active in turning the wheel of capital that is needed to keep the ship of state afloat.

And the cherry on the top would be fewer elderly people being a drain on the National Health Service.

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