English Bluebells In A Wood In Wiltshire

These are English bluebells in a wood in Wiltshire. Can you see how the flower heads are leaning to one side? That is one of the signs that these are English bluebells. The flower heads on Spanish bluebells grow all around the stem, so they stand more upright.

You can see Spanish bluebells growing in many gardens, and you can tell they are Spanish bluebells even from a distance because the flowers of .Spanish bluebells are a pale blue.

English bluebells are a dark, vivid blue.

Spanish bluebells were introduced into Britain on purpose but they have run wild and hybridised with the English or ‘common’ bluebell, which is now recognised as a threatened species.

It’s an interesting question whether it makes a jot of difference if English bluebells disappear. Purists will care, and those who like to see the deeper blue.


If you see pink varieties, they are cultivated varieties of Spanish bluebells.

English bluebells in a wood in Wiltshire


  1. writemeow says:

    This was interesting. Just found out that a bluebell is Sweden’s national flower. It looks a little different from these ones.


    1. Glad you liked it. And it’s good to hear from you.


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