Clandon House

Clandon House

This is Clandon House, near Guildford. I read about the place when looking up National Trust properties near the town of Guildford, where I went last week for a couple of days. Guildford is south west of London and its claim to fame is a very old high street (on a long descent) with interesting architecture.

There is nothing much to see of Clandon House because it burned down in 2015.

A fire destroyed the upper floors and the roof, and gutted the house. The outer brick walls survived, and Clandon Park is now covered in scaffolding and polythene sheeting while it is being restored by the National Trust.

I can imagine the discussions the trustees of the National Trust had deciding how to spend its money. Should it buy more land, for example? The National Trust has the means to buy and protect land from ever-encroaching development. And indeed, it does just that.

Perhaps the plan is to attract visitors to the House when it is restored, and that way to bring in money to spend on other projects.

Clandon House closeup

If you search this blog for ‘National Trust you can see that I have written about it before. It has two million members – including Tamara and I – and millions of people visit the properties every year. It is a major player in keeping England’s heritage from destruction.

Here is the link to the Clandon House National Trust website for the property.

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