Visitors At The Constable Exhibition

This is in the gallery where the Late Constable exhibition is currently being held at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

I like photographing in galleries because people are absorbed in what they are doing,

The downside of photographing in galleries is that the light levels are low. That leads to choices of shutter speed versus ISO. I don’t like pushing my ISO because it increases noise and mutes colours. I should though, so that I can maintain a sufficiently fast shutter speed. And I really should learn, because the noise and the colours from the Fuji X-E3 will definitely stand a higher ISO than the 800 ISO that I used When will I learn?.

This shot is anything but sharp. You can see that even in this little web version. But the colours are nice, and the man scratching his head cuts a nice figure.

The painting is the mill near Arundel Castle. I don’t think the mill can be there any more because Tamara and I went to the Wildlife and Wetland Trust centre at Arundel, and the centre must surely be more or less from where this scene is painted.

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