Colour In The Royal Academy

The second photo is the full frame from which I cropped the first photo. Which do you prefer? I thought I wanted to crop it, but now seeing the two images, I kind of prefer the very off-centre view of the original frame.

I shot it on the spur of the moment while sitting in the Royal Academy Of Art In London, having just been to an exhibition ‘Late Constable’. I put the camera on the table to steady it and shot it ‘by feel’.

The painting that I discussed in this post about The Vale Of Dedham, was in the exhibition. As you can read in that post, one of the reasons I like the painting is that in the near ground there is a person living what seems to be a very poor life on the margins of society.

When I looked at the painting today, it seemed that the person could be reading a book. And that alters what I think is going on. Perhaps this is a recluse who having tasted what society has to offer, is now off in a secluded dell, reading. Who knows. It would be nice to ask Constable.

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