Build A Free Blog with Hashnode

gunnera leaves

Someone I follow on Twitter had replied to a tweet from a Paul Hennell, who describes himself as a self taught programmer, doing mostly web dev with PHP + Laravel.

So I went to look at Paul Hennell’s site and saw  a post in which he described why he had not built his blog from scratch but had used hashnode.

He said it was very simple to do. And it is. I used it to set up a free blog – for which I happened to have a spare domain name hanging about.

You don’t have to use your own domain; you can use a subdomain of hashnode. But I thought I would see how easy it was to set up with a domain of my own (it’s very easy).

Over in the sidebar it asks whether one wants to use a Custom OG image, which is an Open Graph image that makes for a nicer presentation when a post is shared. And it recommends an image 1200px X 630px, so I just cropped some stacked Gunnera leaves to make an image.

The cropped photo of the Gunnera leaves is at the top of this post.

If you want to make a blog with hashnode, just click that link and set up a blog and I will be a step further on my way to ambassador status on hashnode.

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