The Pleasure Of Being Stroked – And Simple Writing Tools

dog being stroked - standing absorbed in the pleasure of it.

I found this photo that I took in about 2014.

It happened that I was looking for a post I wrote a million years ago (2016) under the title Write This Way about simple platforms on which to write without having to do any setting up – just write and publish. And this photo decorates that post.

Meanwhile, I just updated the post with simple writing tools that still work in 2021.

One thing I noticed about the 2016 post was that the font for quotes was very big – the default size for this theme.

But I added CSS to this site to make the font smaller, and I did that a while ago. Ah! But the post from 2016 was written in ‘Classic’ mode, before Gutenberg. So I updated to Blocks and, bingo – now the font for quotes reads at the desired size.

It made me wonder how many blogs there are out there with posts written ‘pre-Gutenberg’ that have styling on the older posts that don’t match what the site owner thinks the site looks like.


  1. writemeow says:

    Interesting read! I think our tastes for looks, font sizes and so on, have changes since I started [2011?]. So much happens with WordPress — before, I used to be in here every day, so I kept up but now I feel lost most of the time.


    1. I was thinking about you only yesterday, wondering how you were getting on 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. writemeow says:

        Same old, same old. Staying safe, so far 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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