Pink Torch Ginger Lily

This is from one of the greenhouses at the Botanic Garden. It’s the flower of the Pink Torch Ginger Lily – Etlingera Elatior. When I googled Ginger Lily just now it showed flowers that looked like this. It also showed flowers that reminded me of those I photographed outdoors at the Botanic Garden earlier this year.

You can see the article where I wrote about the Hedychium under the title Hedychium – Butterfly Ginger Lily.

Both are in the Zingiberaceae family of gingers and turmeric, so they are related rather than just coincidentally tasting of ginger.

But to get back to the photo at the top of the flower in the hothouse, it is pretty amazing, isn’t it. Are those yellow edges directing insects where to go to get the good stuff?

Hedychium species - flower and leaves

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