What Is He Thinking?

They get the insects that he doesn’t want.

What is he thinking as he looks behind him. How cognisant is he of the relationship with the jackdaws. Is he a willing partner, with both species knowing that they are working together? Or is he resigned to those bloody birds always sitting on his back and pecking away?

More than any of this, how much consciousness is an animal capable of? We humans anthropomorphosise animals. Do we do it because we are pattern finders, even when there is no pattern except as we construct it? Or do we see what is plainly there? Of course, we have an axe to grind – on the one hand we adore some animals and try to eradicate others. And we eat some of them. How can we have a clear head in what we purport to see?

Richmond Park, Fallow Deer and Jackdaws – Nikon D500 With 70-30mm Lens


  1. Have you ever given an animal a scratch where they can’t itch David?

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      1. Hopefully that would answer your question? Animals (in their own environment) are just as intelligent in their own way as are we – but knowledgeable about what’s important to them, not to us. All life must eat to survive. It’s the O of Life, yes? Alpha to Omega…


        1. It was more of the quizzical look in the eye of the deer. He surely must have had them on his back countless times. I was thinking of captioning it “Left a bit, down a bit.” 🙂

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        2. If you notice the opening of his ear, it is focused directly at your lense(camera click?). Much more likely that he was looking at you out the corner of his eye than his bug-picking Buddies; )


        3. That could be it. Yes


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