Fifteen Years On

Fifteen years on When I saw the notice today I thought ‘surely not?’ But then in my About page that I wrote ages and ages ago I wrote:

I started blogging in about 2006 with a Google Blogger blog. Then after a few months I switched to WordPress because it was much prettier. And it still is.

Once I felt comfortable with using the hosted system I started a self-hosted WordPress site and I’ve set up dozens since then.

So, by my own words, it’s plainly not unbelievable that I started fifteen years ago. Still, that’s a sizeable number of years to have under one’s belt, and I can’t quite grasp it.

Eeh, lad. I were nowt but a strapping young lad then, keen to learn.

What have I got to show for that investment of time and effort?

  • It’s played a part in keeping me photographing things.
  • I have learned is how to write a post quickly.
  • Within WordPress skills I have built lots of self-hosted sites, and learned a bit about building sites that load quickly.

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