Sitting Deer

red deer stag sitting down

Because it is sitting down, we get a chance to look at the hooves on this Red deer stag. Deer hooves are basically two long toes. And behind them are two tiny dew claws. Apparently, if the deer is walking in mud, you might see the marks of the dew claws behind the main toes.

Tamara and I saw deer tracks in Richmond Park, but I only learned about the dew claws after we came home, so wasn’t looking for the little pin-prick marks. Next time, though…

I also read that the keratin that the hooves are made of, runs in different directions throughout the hoof, which makes it stronger than if the sheets of keratin all lay in the same direction like in our finger nails.

One thing that I noticed when we were looking at the deer, is how deep and broad the Red Deer’s neck area is compared to some other deer. And how dainty his legs and feet seem in comparison to the bulk of his body.

Seeing the legs tucked up like that reminds me of the dog I had years ago.

The feet and toes of red deer stag sitting down

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