Asters: Enough To Make You Weep

These are asters, one of about 170 related species in the family whose habitat stretches all the way across Eurasia. The name comes from the Greek word for star and from the goddess Asterea. She is said to have wept because she could not see any stars in the sky. And her tears caused asters to grow where her tears fell.

How long will it take me to forget that these are asters? In a world of so many plants and flowers it is easy to forget a name, even if one knows the shape and colour. However, here is a question – in the world of nature, of give and take, of balance – why are there so many different flowers? Wouldn’t you have thought that having found themselves in the happy position of succeeding to continue, that those most fated to be successful would dominate?

Of course there are many different habitats, even in a small area, but still – have you seen how many different flowers there are!


  1. Joan Miller says:

    We have lots of asters here too. I can usually recognize them by their shape and color

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    1. As I read, they are native all around the world in the Northern Hemisphere. What a picture – the flowers circling the Earth like a belt – and they so fragile and tender.


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